bee Stud for Apple Watch Sport Bands

bytten bee Studs for Apple Watch on pink Sport band
bytten bee Studs for Apple Watch on pink Sport band bee stud and rosie Glam Stack on white Apple Watch Sport band bytten bee Stud for Apple Watch - gold bytten bee Stud for Apple Watch - rose gold Bytten bee Stud for Apple Watch - silver

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bee Stud for Apple Watch Sport Bands  

    We are excited to share the latest buzz about our stud collection. We know you'll agree that our bee Stud will make a beyond-cute addition to your Apple Watch band. (Fitbit owners don't fret! We have bee studs for Fitbit bands here.)

    And don't forget how important it is to celebrate these hard workers. Did you know that we can thank bees for one out of every four bites of food we take? What would we do without them!

    So what are you waiting for? It is time to getbytten ;-)

    product details
    • gold: 14K gold plated sterling silver 
    • rose gold: 14K rose gold plated sterling silver 
    • silver: white rhodium plated sterling silver 
    • dimensions - 7.4 mm x 7.4mm x 5.1 mm
    product compatibility
    • fits 38|40|41mm 42|44|45mm Apple Watch Sport Bands
    • fits Apple Watch Series 7|6|5|4|3|2|1|SE
    • Simply pop the stud into the holes in your Apple Watch Sport band
    • NOTE: The holes of some third party sport bands are a different size than the Apple sport bands. Make sure your stud fits securely if you have a non-Apple branded sport band.
    • NOTE: Make sure the holes where you place your studs do not have band overlap behind them. This will ensure that the studs are securely in place. An extra layer of band could push on the back of the stud and cause it to pop out. This overlap may happen if you have very small wrists.
    • If you have questions about a third party band, please email us at 

    what's not included

    • Apple Watch and Apple Watch bands sold separately

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