The Symbol Collection

The Symbol Collection
Introducing The Symbol Collection. Created to provide you with a physical sign of the energy that you are trying to attract or a message you hope to share, the Symbol collection is comprised of five different signs:
  • OM, the powerful and iconic yoga symbol, is a reminder to be present.
  • River, an ancient symbol for longevity, represents the importance of heatlh.
  • Wren draws on the popular horseshoe motif and inspires luck. 
  • Rasa, named for the tabula rasa "blank slate," is a solid, modern metal face representing simplicity and a fresh start.
  • Renee, the ribbon symbol, shows your support for a cause.

Each symbol is available in a variety of metal finishes featuring tones from a neutral and rustic palette. And most importantly, each piece in the collection was inspired by a personal request from a customer and represents a collaborative expression of the Bytten community.



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