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Classic Stack™ · Fitbit Blaze accessory

Fitbit Blaze smartwatch with Bytten Classic Stack accessory - original (premium metal) Fitbit Blaze smartwatch with Bytten Classic Stack accessory side view - original (premium metal) Bytten Classic Stack accessory for Fitbit Blaze - original (premium metal) Classic Stack™ for Fitbit Blaze

Classic Stack™ · Fitbit Blaze accessory

$ 120.00

$ 120.00

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Classic Stack for Fitbit Blaze

You are the proud owner of a Fitbit Blaze and you love the design and the bold, angular face. We completely agree. Bytten Wearable Stacks™ are designed to personalize the tech you love, not hide it. Add some sparkle and shine to your band with a stack of interchangeable rings.

The Classic Stack includes five premium metal rings that easily slide on to the Blaze Classic Bands. Four of the five rings are sterling silver and beautifully complement the silver face of the watch. The thin brass rope seamlessly introduces a gold-tone… because, who doesn't need a bit of gold on their wrist? Oh, and before we forget, we included a sterling cut-plus ring, designed by Lucas Goossens (of course!) to remind you to be positive. When you need an extra reason to smile, just look at your wrist.

Wear the stack as we have curated it, mix it up, or wear one or two rings at a time for a more subtle and simple look.

Whatever you decide, we can’t wait to see how you style your stack. #makeityours

materials & finishes
  • five sterling silver and brass rings, including: 2mm satin sterling silver, 1mm polished sterling silver, thin brass rope, thin sterling silver rope, and satin sterling silver Cut Plus ring
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