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Azul and Gold Luxe WearableStacks™ featured in "Best Fashion Blog"

We were thrilled when one of our favorite stylists, Tara West, winner of the 2016 A List Best Fashion Blog, wanted to style our new WearableStacks for Spring. An independent personal stylist and fashion consultant based in Boston, Tara is known for her ability to mix brands and price points, vintage clothing with new pieces, and cool and classic styles keeps her clients' wardrobes creative and current. We love her vibe, and we love the way our Wearable Stacks help her customize her Apple Watch bands.

Tara features two styles, new for Spring:

Gold AZUL Stack

Gold Luxe Glam Stack

To read more from Tara, check out her blog for weekly style favorites and tips.

Bytten AZUL Stack for Apple Watch
Bytten Gold Luxe Glam Stack for Apple Watch

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Fit & Stylish Mom

Bytten Grace and Matisse gold slides for Charge & Charge HR

We know how hard it is to find just the right present for the most important woman in your life. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Check out our recommendations for the fit and stylish mom:

Classic Stack for Apple Watch

for the Tech-Savvy Mom: the Classic Stack™ for Apple Watch

If your mom is hip enough to be sporting an Apple Watch, rock her world with this stack of six premium metal rings.

for the Sparkly Mom: the Grace slide for Fitbit Charge and Charge HR

If your mom loves a simple elegant look, this one is for her (offered at a special launch price for just a few more days!).

Grace slide for Fitbit Charge & Charge HR
Sterling Silver Matisse slide for Fitbit Charge & Charge HR

for the Artsy, Fashionable Mom: the sterling silver Matisse slide for Fitbit Charge

The Matisse for Charge and Charge HR is a beautiful and feminine piece inspired by Henri Matisse cut outs. Any mom will love this but it is perfect for the art loving fashionable mom!

for the Classic Mom: 18K gold Lucas slide for Fitbit Flex

For the mom who has the Fitbit Flex, you can’t go wrong with the Lucas slide. Note the tiny plus sign for positivity just below the display.  A beautiful reminder to smile as she tracks her steps!

18K Lucas slide for Fitbit Flex
10K solid gold Matisse slide for Fitbit Charge & Charge HR

for the Ultra-Luxe Mom who has everything: the 10K solid gold Matisse slide for Fitbit Charge and Charge HR

This is the ultimate gift for the mom who loves luxury and gold. What more can we say?

for the Sweet, Rosy Mom: the Lucas or Matisse slide for Fitbit Flex in rose gold

Roses, chocolate, and rose gold are the key to a woman’s heart. Our rose gold finish is the perfect hint of pink and will be sure to make your mom smile. Available for Fitbit Flex in both our Lucas and Matisse designs.

Rose gold Lucas and Matisse slides for Fitbit Flex

Jodi chats with Carine Carmy from Shapeways on fashion, fitness and the inspiration for Bytten

Jodi Slater is no tech novice. She started her career as a programmer, including some work on the original movie Tron, helped design the user interface for the first wireless Palm Pilot, and has since advised countless companies on user experience and new media.

The very talented Slater is now turning her attention to her fitness tracker, an accessory that she feels could use a facelift. Her new adventure, Bytten, sits at the intersection of fashion and technology and includes a line of beautiful 3D printed accessories for Jawbone & Fitbit. After reading this Q&A, we advise you to #getbytten.

See more of her conversation on the Shapeways...


Welcome to bytten! We hope to become your new favorite place to discover and shop for products that are defining the future of fashion and fitness. And really what we hope is that by having the ability to rock your Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP all the time we will be helping you make fitness and health a more present and beautiful part of your life. 

We are still working on a few features (e.g., international shipping for our friends all over the world!), but we heard your cry to #getbytten and we didn't want to make you wait any longer. So, you can shop - on one condition - you need to tell us if you encounter weird stuff. Send us an email to and we will get right on it. 

happy shopping! jodi & team bytten

a word from Lucas

Hello all fitness and fashion aficionados,

I started making jewelry in the beginning of 2012. After a friend told me about 3D printing and how easy it is to use Sketchup and to create beautiful products, I began to experiment with some design techniques I learned from YouTube tutorials. Soon, I had a 3D model of the first LucasPlus ring in my mind. After receiving my Plus Ring in silver I was instantly addicted—seeing the 3D model on my computer screen come to life was priceless. And so the jewelry journey began, and with more practice came a larger LucasPlus Jewelry collection.

I was then approached by Jodi Slater, who had an incredible idea to use 3D printing technology to bring fashionable accessories to fitness trackers. Being a fellow fashionista/geek myself, I was instantly attracted to the idea of collaborating with Jodi to create jewelry that would complement the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP. 

The launch of these first two models is only the beginning. I hope to continue bringing you all stylish accessories for your fitness trackers as long as my creative juices keep flowing!

So here's to bytten, where fitness meets fashion.




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Your fitness tracker or smartwatch is about to become a serious fashion accessory.