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Jodi with original Lucas slide for Fitbit Jodi doing headstand with OM slide for Fitbit Charge HR

welcome, fitness, technology, and fashion lovers

It has been a while since August 2014 when bytten was born. At first, it was all about transforming the Fitbit Flex into a beautiful bracelet. We started by 3D printing jewelry to slide onto and dress up the silicone bracelet—making sure that the tiny display of four dots that told you if you "hit your goal" was still visible. We collaborated with Lucas Goossens to create our first design. His iconic plus sign motif and focus on positivity was the inspiration for our best selling Lucas slide. 

For a while, we followed Fitbit's every move making jewelry for the Charge, Charge HR, Alta, Alta HR... and then Apple joined the party and launched the Apple Watch. That changed everything. Of course, the watch was beautiful unto itself, in an Apple streamlined high-tech  way. The challenge was no longer about transformation, it was about customization. Our first collection for Apple Watch included curated sets of interchangeable stacking rings. Now Apple Watch owners could customize their band make it "theirs". We love stacking rings and bracelets on our fingers and wrists so why not stack them on your watchband? 

We love learning from you and seeing how you are wearing our rings, clasps, and charms to create your own unique bytten style... and especially appreciate hearing from you about what you want next. We wouldn't be here without you and are thankful you have joined us on this journey.

xo Jodi



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