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a word from Lucas

Hello all fitness and fashion aficionados,

I started making jewelry in the beginning of 2012. After a friend told me about 3D printing and how easy it is to use Sketchup and to create beautiful products, I began to experiment with some design techniques I learned from YouTube tutorials. Soon, I had a 3D model of the first LucasPlus ring in my mind. After receiving my Plus Ring in silver I was instantly addicted—seeing the 3D model on my computer screen come to life was priceless. And so the jewelry journey began, and with more practice came a larger LucasPlus Jewelry collection.

I was then approached by Jodi Slater, who had an incredible idea to use 3D printing technology to bring fashionable accessories to fitness trackers. Being a fellow fashionista/geek myself, I was instantly attracted to the idea of collaborating with Jodi to create jewelry that would complement the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP. 

The launch of these first two models is only the beginning. I hope to continue bringing you all stylish accessories for your fitness trackers as long as my creative juices keep flowing!

So here's to bytten, where fitness meets fashion.






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