8 bits

  1. bytten - pronounced bit·ten /ˈbitn/
    be bitten by the __ bug
    develop a passionate interest in a specified activity
    nuff said.
  2. our mission
    to help people live a more healthy and beautiful life by making wearable tech more fashionable.
  3. beginnings
    the bytten slide is just the beginning! check back regularly to see newly added products and designers.
  4. made in the USA!
    with love and care and bytes. made with code.
  5. laughter and love
    we laugh at our own jokes. and wear our own products - because we love them.
  6. never miss a step
    we know you love your fitbit or apple watch and love the information it provides... but you also want to be an individual and sometimes it doesn't match your style. express yourself with bytten accessories that make your wearable teach as unique and beautiful as you are. don't leave home without it. never miss a step.
  7. free shipping
    we hate to pay for shipping and know that you must feel the same way. we offer free shipping in the USA for orders over $50.
  8. we really care what you think
    we want bytten to be a positive experience for you, so please tell us what you think - whether that means offering product ideas, recommending designers you would like us to feature, or making suggestions about the site. we want to know. email us at


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