bee stud • Apple Watch sport band charm

bytten apple watch bee charm iwatch charms in rose gold, silver and gold
bytten apple watch bee charm iwatch charms in rose gold, silver and gold bytten apple watch bee charm iwatch charms rose gold bytten apple watch bee charm iwatch charms gold bytten apple watch bee charm iwatch charms silver bytten bee stud and rosie glam stack Apple Watch sport band accessory charm

$ 40.00

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bytten® bee stud for Apple bands

    We know you'll agree that our bee stud will make a beyond-cute addition to your Apple Watch band. (Fitbit owners don't fret! We have bee studs for Fitbit bands here.)

    Don't forget how important it is to celebrate these hard workers. Did you know that we can thank bees for one out of every four bites of food we take? 

    Add a bee stud to your band knowing that your purchase makes a difference. A portion of the profit will be donated to @heiferinternational. Healthy beehives can double fruit and vegetable yields of small farms and turn a family's struggle into a lifetime of opportunity.

    Shown on pink blush bytten® band.

    materials & finishes

    • rose gold: 14K rose gold plated 925 sterling silver
    • gold: 14K gold plated 925 sterling silver
    • silver: white rhodium plated 925 sterling silver
    • dimensions: 0.35" w x 0.30" h x 0.22" d


    • designed to fit bytten® bands and sport bands from Apple
    • fits size 38|40|41mm 42|44|45mm sport bands
    • fits Apple Watch Series 8|7|6|5|4|3|2|1|SE

    other bands

    • fits some third party silicone bands
    • we are not able to warranty our jewelry on third party bands because the size and material may differ
    • not compatible with metal, Modern Buckle, Solo Loop, Sport Loop, Braided Solo Loop, or Milanese Loop bands
    • If you have questions about other bands, please email us at 

    how to insert your bytten® stud

    • Push the stud through the round hole in your sport band. Make sure that the lip on the end of the post is pushed through your band completely.
    • Make sure the hole where you place your stud does not have band overlap behind it. An extra layer of band could push on the back of the stud and cause it to pop out. This overlap may happen if you have very small wrists.
    • The size of the holes, material, and thickness of some bands may be different. Make extra sure your stud fits securely.


    This listing includes jewelry to personalize your smartwatch band.

    • Apple Watch and Apple Watch sport bands sold separately
    • bytten® bands sold separately

    the original smartwatch jewelry. est. 2014

    bytten® is a registered trademark. Our jewelry is protected by copyright and stamped with our logo. 




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